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I’ll have a “Les Twins on the Rocks, please”

I'll have a "Les Twins on the Rocks, please"

Photo Credit: Kertin Vasser,


It’s Les Twins birthday today!

Let’s wish Les Twins a Happy Birthday – they turn 22 today!

Les Twins fans finally have a place to go!

Dancing to French New Style Hip Hop, “Les Twins” have appeared on “Incroyable Talent” (French version of America’s Got Talent), The Ellen Show (Nov. ’10) and have received a large YouTube following. Identical twins who will turn 22 on Dec. 6, 2010, they host worldwide dance workshops and perform at the World of Dance.

Les Twins have a kind of runaway talent, energy and power of movement that leaves you breathless. Just looking at a video, you feel that if you could be in their presence just once you might be changed somehow. And you are…And we wish that moment for all of you, and hope to help you find that opportunity…

This fan site is meant to be a respectful place to show those moments, tell about them, share the phenomenon in a setting of community. We hope to also win the trust of Les Twins, their family and friends, in hopes that they will feel comfortable here too.

Be patient with us. We will open the site gradually for posting by others, but will monitor the content closely to shape a fan site worth coming to…