Larry and Laurent BOURGEOIS, the dancing phenoms

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Les Twins Fans is moving to!

Hey there, fans!  We’re moving our site over to the beautiful new website.  Wait til you see it – it’s gorgeous!  Full of favorite videos, beautiful stills, Fan Art, everything you could ever want in a Les Twins fan site.  We’ve decided to combine our efforts and after about a week or so, I’ll be shutting this site down.  Write us a note on the new site and our hope is to inform you of where Les Twins will be next and how you can see them.  We want the site to be interactive, so drop us a line and let us know how you like it and what we can do to improve it.  See you there!



I’ll have a “Les Twins on the Rocks, please”

I'll have a "Les Twins on the Rocks, please"

Photo Credit: Kertin Vasser,

Les Twins in a funny/funky little video at Chatelet Station, Paris

The girl in the video is Laura – one of the original Criminalz Crew.  I love how she dances and doesn’t even need music.  You go, girl!  Les Twins are just being their silly, lovable selves….

Ok, this Les Twins video is a bit off-color, but we couldn’t resist

If you aren’t laughing by the end of the video …..well……we just don’t know what to say.  Enjoy!

Les Twins dancing in a cafe

When Les Twins go out to a cafe or restaurant…expect them to eat a LOT.  And, expect them to DANCE.


Adorable interview with Les Twins – they love….babysitting!

In this cute video, we get to see some great dancing and an interview, in English, where Les Twins reveal three things they are passionate about. Check it out!

Les Twins in Vogue Italia, November 2010 issue

Take a look at this photo spread and article on Les Twins in Vogue Italia, Nov. 2010 issue.  So sweet what they say about their mom….

Les Twins, Vogue Italia, Nov. 2010 issue

Laurent and Larry bustin’ it out at the World of Dance, Vallejo, Nov. 2010

Les Twins Workshop

It’s Les Twins birthday today!

Let’s wish Les Twins a Happy Birthday – they turn 22 today!